We are a team of patient-centric entrepreneurs, scientists, researchers and tech developers who are passionate about bringing innovation in digital health to patients.

We are set to help patients with neurological diseases to improve their cognition and motor skills. 

Our aspiration for NeuroMo is to develop breakthrough digital healthcare solutions combining science, artificial intelligence and digital technology with the goal to empower patients and help them achieve their goals. Our offices are located in the heart of Duisburg.

  • Prof. Miguel A. Fernández del Olmo

    Co-Foudner & CSO — PhD, King Juan Carlos University, Spain  

    Author of more than 100 scientific articles in the field of neurorehabilitation with numerous recognitions and awards for his research work. 

    Miguel transfers his scientific knowledge into the scientific and technical development of digital healthcare solutions.

  • Kilian Saekel

    Co-Founder & CEO

    Serial entrepreneur with 18 years experience in product development, sales and leading international teams. 

    Kilian’s superpower is to use his energy and passion to create things and teams that empower people to live more active lives.

  • Dr. Wayne LIN

    Co-Founder & CTO — PhD in Micro-Robotics,

    Serial entrepreneur in both industrial and consumer electronics industry. He was leading member of intestinal micro robots team under national funding. He is expert in sensors, algorithms, electronics, mechanical engineering, smart system architecture and RD management.


    We do all what we do with passion: passion to help patients, passion to improve care and passion to increase access to rehabilitation and improve patients’ outcomes.


    We constantly aim to use the latest innovation to improve our devices and methodology and support an individualised approach to rehabilitation.


    We dare to go where it seems impossible, we build all our programmes in collaboration with patients and include them in the planning of our clinical trials and beyond.