Our system aims to empower patients through easier access to rehabilitation. It supports home-based rehabilitation and training with the objective to improve the motor skills and the cognition of patients suffering from neurological diseases.

The system is composed of sensors that help execute the training while the APP gathers patient specific data with the aim the produce a tailored training programme based on each patient’s condition, performance and evolution. The use of AI helps improve the programme for each patient depending on the amount of gathered specific data from that patient. This means that the more data are gathered by the system, the more personalised programme the patient can have thanks to our patented AI algorithm.


Our device is composed of sensors that helps execute the training. 

The training includes cognitive & Motor training and is delivered as a playful and engaging activity that allows easy daily training.

The APP that controls the system and guides the training also shares a progression dashboard with patients and/or their caregivers which supports better adherence with the training programme.